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SGDH-02AE High performance servo driver

Yaskawa SGDH-02AE Manual And Instructions
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SGDH-02AE AC Servodrive (400 V, 22 to 55 kW) Installation Guide
SGDH-02AE Instruction Guide

Yaskawa SGDH-02AE Product information and technical parameters:
Brand: Yaskawa
Name: High performance servo driver
Model: SGDH-02AE
Type: SGDH type drive.
Capacity: 0.2kw.
Voltage: single phase 200V.
Mode: torque, speed, position.
Test platform for mutual feedback of servo driver and motor.
Test platform with adjustable analog load.
A test platform with an actuator that has no load is used.
Test platform for driving the inherent load by using motor.
Test platform using on line test method.
This test system is composed of three parts,
Were measured servo driver - motor system, the system inherent load and host computer.
The host computer sends the speed command signal to the servo driver, and the servo system starts to run according to the instruction.
In the course of operation, the running data of the servo system is collected by the host computer and the data acquisition circuit,
And carries on the preservation, the analysis and the display to the data.

Direct drive type servo motor SGMCV type.
Rated torque: M \/ 15N.
Servo motor diameter: diameter of 135mm.
Serial encoder: 22 bit (multi ring absolute encoder).
Design sequence: A.
Flange: reverse load side (lead).
Optional parts: high mechanical precision (axis offset, offset 0.01mm).
Under the condition of no speed reducer, the load is directly driven SGDH-02AE.
Can be realized from low speed to high speed of the strong smooth running
(instantaneous maximum torque: 12 ~ 75N \/ m, maximum speed: 500 ~ 600r\/min) SGDH-02AE
By using 22 bit high resolution encoder, the high precision can be carried out.
The use of hollow structure, convenient wiring and piping.
Use example:
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus SGDH-02AE.
Liquid crystal circuit board manufacturing device.
Various inspection and test equipment.
Electronic component packaging machine.
C information processor.
C inspection equipment.
A variety of automated machinery.
ManipulatorLarge capacity servo unit.
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 30KW.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC400V.
Fastening: MECHATROLINK-III communication command type (rotary servo motor) SGDH-02AE.
Design sequence: A.
Optional parts (hardware): base mounting type (standard).
Improve the performance of large torque transmission machinery!
Vibration suppression function.
When the driving system of the machine is vibrating, the observer is used to reduce the vibration and suppress the vibration of the device.
Friction compensation function.
Even when the load fluctuation, the gain can be suppressed without changing the position deviation.
Therefore, the overshoot can be suppressed to ensure the stability of the device.
Feature tracking control.
Even the lower mechanical properties, but also the characteristics of the mechanical recovery,
Make the mechanical properties of the control action, thereby reducing the time to adjust the timeHigh performance, use the best type of servo unit (high performance).
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 2.0kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Design sequence: A.
Hardware specification: base mounting type (standard).
Interface: analog voltage, pulse sequence type (rotary servo motor).
Function: no deviation standard.
High performance sigma shaped -V-EX series.
2 models of high performancce servo unit SGDH-02AE.
EX001 (support M- III high speed communication): the communication cycle is the minimum value of 125 s, which makes the response of the instruction becomes faster, and the track accuracy and processing ability are improved. SGDH-02AE.
EX002 (no deviation of the specification): greatly improve the command tracking performance, and further improve the accuracy of trajectory control.

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