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Name: Servo driver analog voltage, pulse sequence
Price: 0
Security module.
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 11kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Interface: MECHATROLINK- II communication command type (linear servo motor).
Design sequence: A.
Hardware specification: rack mounting type.
Matching (software): no matching (standard).
Matching (parameters): no matching (standard).
Optional module: security module.
European EC standards: Based on the integration of mechanical instructions standard ISO13849-1 EN,
Security module with individual standard 61800-5-2 IEC specified security function SGDV-2R8F01A002000
Through the combination of the SGDV servo unit, the best safety design of the mechanical system is realized.
Suitable for AC servo drive, with the following safety features specified in the international standard IEC61800-5-2 (Japan''s first).
Can easily achieve the best security design of mechanical systems.
Torque Off Safe (STO)
Stop Safe 1 (SS1)
Stop Safe 2 (SS2)
Limited Speed Safely (SLS)
Equipped with 2 security functions, can be set (distribution) security functions.
In addition, the monitoring time and other items can be changed through the parameter.
With the use of the servo unit with a security module, so that the system can be simplified and miniaturized. Servo drive type SGDM.
Power: 6.0KW.
Supply voltage: AC200V (single-phase \/ three-phase).
Mode: speed, torque, position control.
Design sequence: A.
Strong servo, flexible use of the explosive force, give full play to the mechanical properties.
Rapid and accurate transmission. In the moment of dodge opponent,
Send a powerful turn. The fascinating world class players,
Requires its judgment, accuracy, speed and other parties, with a higher level of technology.
For the performance of the servo system which plays a decisive role in the mechanical properties and production efficiency,
It is also required to respond to high speed, high speed and high precision control,
Have a higher levelServo motor type SGMPH (speed: 3000r\/min).
Power: 0.1kw.
Power supply voltage: single phase AC200V.
Serial encoder: 16 bit relative value.
Design sequence: Waterproof standard IP67.
Shaft end: straight shaft with key.
Optional parts: with oil seal, DC90V brake.
Partial flat series: the need to install the servo motor in a small space.
Flexible user system.
For you to build the best system to enrich the product line to support you.
Products with single phase 200V, single phase 100V, three-phase 200V,
And for the absolute value encoder, a variety of motor with brake, belt speed reducer.
And then, because of its compliance with international standards, in the world can be assured that the use of.
Smooth running, there is a very seasonal rate of observation and control,
The speed fluctuation of the motor is greatly reduced, and the speed of the motor can be smoothly operated
SGDV-2R8F01A002000 Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGDV-2R8F01A002000&select=5

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