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Name: High performance servo driver
Model: SGDH-50AE
Price: 0
Large capacity SGMVV type servo motor.
Rated output: 22KW.
Voltage: three phase AC400V.
Serial encoder: 20 bit absolute value type.
Rated speed: 800r/min.
The main mechanical structure: flange type, straight shaft (with keyway and screw).
Optional parts: with hold brake (DC24V), with oil seal.
The use of small, low inertia servo motor, also can give full play to the strength of the mechanical properties SGDH-50AE
The new model SGMVV with a rated output of 22~55KW, the amount of passenger speed 800r/min and 1500r/min products.
After the motor is installed, the phase is started to run immediately.
Even if the servo is not adjusted, as long as the moment of inertia is within the allowable range,
Even if the load changes, it can be driven stably, and the vibration will not happen.

Servo motor SGMGH type.
Rated speed: 1000r\/min.
Power: 5.5kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Serial encoder: 17 bit absolute value.
Design sequence: B.
Shaft end: straight shaft with screw key.
Optional parts: with oil seal.
High speed feed series: high speed running when no load.
Complete separation of the main circuit and the control circuit,
Alarm can only turn off the main circuit power supply, easy to maintain.
Parameter setting device.
The parameters can be directly entered by the servo drive body.
Saving wiring.
Using a serial encoder, encoder wiring number than the original product reduced by 1\/2.
Multi in one control: the use of the parameters of the switch can not use the torque, position, speed controlHigh performance, use the best type of servo unit (high performance).
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 1.5kw.
Power supply voltage: single phase AC200V.
Design sequence: A.
Hardware specification: base mounting type (standard).
Interface: MECHATROLINK-III communication command type (rotary servo motor).
Function: support 125 s communication cycle.
High performance sigma shaped -V-EX series.
2 models of high performance servo unit.
EX001 (support M- III high speed communication): the communication cycle is the minimum value of 125 s, which makes the response of the instruction becomes faster, and the track accuracy and processing ability are improved.
EX002 (no deviation of the specification): greatly improve the command tracking performance, and further improve the accuracy of trajectory control.
SGDH-50AE Operation manual / Instructions / Catalog download link: /searchDownload.html?Search=SGDH-50AE&select=5

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