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SGDM-08ADA Yaskawa SGDM-08ADA Driver

Servo motor type SGMAH (speed: 3000r\/min).
Power: 50W.
Power supply voltage: single phase AC200V.
Serial encoder: 16 bit absolute value.
Design sequence: A.
Shaft end: straight shaft with key.
Optional parts: with oil seal.
Improve mechanical properties.
In order to achieve a higher production efficiency, SGDMAH type to the best control to explore the highest perfoormance of the machine,
Compared with the original models, CPU computing time for its 1\/2, through the expansion of the new control algorithm,
Positioning time is shortened to the original product of 1\/3, to achieve a good response SGDM-08ADA SGDM-08ADA.
The parameter setting and maintenance time is shortened.
In order to establish a high degree system in a short time, the use of the simplicity of the.
Flexible use of online automatic adjustment function,
Automatic adjustment of servo system with mechanical characteristics SGDM-08ADA.
Then use the main loop \/ control circuit power separation and alarm tracking memory function, can be simple to carry out maintenanceLarge capacity SGMVV type servo motor Yaskawa SGDM-08ADA.
Rated output: 37KW.
Voltage: three phase AC200V.
Serial encoder: 20 bit delta.
Rated speed: 1500r\/min.
The main mechanical structure: support mounting type, straight shaft (without keyway and screw).
Optional parts: do not buy pieces.
The use of small, low inertia servo motor, also can give full play to the strength of the mechanical properties Yaskawa SGDM-08ADA.
The new model SGMVV with a rated output of 22~55KW, the amount of passenger speed 800r\/min and 1500r\/min products.
After the motor is installed, the phase is started to run immediately.
Even if the servo is not adjusted, as long as the moment of inertia is within the allowable range,
Even if the load changes, it can be driven stably, and the vibration will not happen
Servo drive type SGDM Yaskawa SGDM-08ADA.
Power: 750W.
Supply voltage: AC200V (single-phase / three-phase).
Mode: speed, torque, position control.
Design sequence: A.
Strong servo, flexible use of the explosive force, give full play to the mechanical properties.
Rapid and accurate transmission. In the moment of dodge opponent,
Send a powerful turn. The fascinating world class players,
Requires its judgment, accuracy, speed and other parties, with a higher level of technology.
For the performance of the servo system which pllays a decisive role in the mechanical properties and production efficiency,
It is also required to respond to high speed, high speed and high precision control,
Have a higher level SGDM-08ADA.

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