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SGDH-01BE Yaskawa High performance servo driver Yaskawa SGDH-01BE

Servo motor SGMGH type.
Rated speed: 1500r\/min.
Power: 15Kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Serial encoder: 17 bit relative value.
Design sequence: A.
Shaft end: taper 1\/10, with parallel key.
Optional parts: with oil seal, DC90V brake.
High speed feed series: high speed running when no load SGDH-01BE.
Complete separation of the main circuit and thhe control circuit,
Alarm can only turn off the main circuit power supply, easy to maintain.
Parameter setting device SGDH-01BE.
The parameters can be directly entered by the servo drive body.
Saving wiring.
Using a serial encoder, encoder wiring number than the original product reduced by 1\/2.
Multi in one control: the use of the parameters of the switch can not use the torque, position, speed controlLow inertia, high speed servo motor type SGM7A (rated speed 3000r\/min) SGDH-01BE.
Rated output: 0.75kw.
Power supply voltage: AC200V.
Serial encoder: 24 bit absolute value type.
Design sequence: A.
Shaft end: straight shaft with keyway, with screw.
Optional parts: with hold brake (DC24V) Yaskawa SGDH-01BE.
Small (about 80% in the past).
Equipped with high-resolution 24bit encoder (16 million 770 thousand \/rev pulse).
The maximum torque of 350% (small capacity).
Hope to shorten the working cycle.
Want to improve positioning accuracy.
Increase speed after shaking Yaskawa SGDH-01BE.
Whether there is no workpiece, action is not stable.
It is helpful to the servo performance of ultra high speed and ultra precision control. most
To limit the performance of the device to solve the problem
Type: SGDH type drive.
Capacity: 0.1kw.
Voltage: single phase 110V Yaskawa SGDH-01BE.
Mode: torque, speed, position.
Test platform for mutual feedback of servo driver and motor.
Test platform with adjustable analog load.
A test platform with an actuator that has no load is used.
Test platform for driving the inherent load by using motor.
Test platform using on line test method.
This test system is composed of three parts,
Were measured servo driver - motor system, the system inherent load and host computer.
The host computer sends the speed command signal to the servo driver, and the servo system starts to runn according to the instruction SGDH-01BE.
In the course of operation, the running data of the servo system is collected by the host computer and the data acquisition circuit,
And carries on the preservation, the analysis and the display to the data.
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