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SGD7S-470A00A002 PDF datasheet (datasheet)

Brand: Yaskawa
Product model: SGD7S-470A00A002
Name: Single axis servo driver
Sort: PDF datasheet
File language: English
File size: 40.24MB
Sigma -v series servo unit SGDV.
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 0.1kw.
Power supply voltage: single phase AC100V.
Design sequence: B type.
Interface: MECHATROLINK- II communication command type (rotary servo motor).
Matching (hardware): paint.
Realize real time communication.
The maximum transmission speed of 10Mbps and can be set to the communication cycle 250 s ~ 4ms,
Achieved a maximum of 30 stations in the high speed control SGD7S-470A00A002 PDF datasheet SGD7S-470A00A002 Through the high speed of communication,
Can send and receive all kinds of control information in real time.
Energy saving and high efficiency.
A maximum of 30 stations can be connected to the communication lines, can significantly reduce the wiring costs and time SGD7S-470A00A002 PDF datasheet.
The command connector of the upper controller only needs 1,
Pulse generator for D/A converter or position instruction without speed / torque command.
High precision motion control is realized.
In addition to torque, position and speed control, but also to achieve high precision synchronization phase control.
Because the control mode can be switched on line, the complicated mechanical action can be realized more effectively and smoothly SGD7S-470A00A002 PDF datasheet. SGMCS small capacity type of direct drive servo motor.
Rated torque: M \/ 7.0N.
Servo motor outside diameter size: 360mm.
Serial encoder: 20 bit Delta (optional).
Design sequence: the outer diameter size of the servo motor is marked as N and M.
Flange specification: face C, load side.
Optional specifications: no matching.
Under the condition of no speed reducer, the load is directly driven.
Can be realized from low speed to high speed of the strong smooth running
(instantaneous maximum torque: 6 ~ 600N \/ m, maximum speed: 250 ~ 500r\/min).
By using 20 bit high resolution encoder, the high precision can be carried out.
The use of hollow structure, convenient wiring and piping.
Use example:
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Liquid crystal circuit board manufacturing equipment.
Various inspection and test equipment.
Electronic part packaging machine.
IC information processor.
IC inspection equipment.
A variety of automated machinery.
Small capacity ratings and specifications:
Rated time: continuous.
Vibration level: V15.
Insulation resistance: DC500V, 10M, or above.
Using ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees C.
Excitation mode: permanent magnet type.
Installation method: flange type.
Heat rresistance grade: A SGD7S-470A00A002 PDF catalog.
Insulation withstand voltage: AC1500V 1 minutes.
Protection mode: fully enclosed self cooling type IP42 (except for the rotating part of the output shaft).
The use of environmental humidity: 20 ~ 80%% (not dew) SGD7S-470A00A002 PDF catalog.
Connection mode: direct connection.
Rotation direction: clockwise direction (CCW) rotation at the load side under the direction of rotation
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