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SGMSV-50A3A2S USER'S MANUAL (Setup Rotational Motor)

Brand: Yaskawa
Product model: SGMSV-50A3A2S
Name: AC Servo Drives
Sort: USER'S MANUAL (Setup Rotational Motor)
File language: English
File size: 8.38MB
High performance, use the best type of servo unit (purpose type).
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 0.75kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Interface: analog voltage, pulse sequence type (rotary servo motor).
Design sequence: A.
Hardware specifications: paint.
Function: vibration suppression function upgrade SGMSV-50A3A2S USER'S MANUAL.
Use the best type of sigma -V-FT series
According to different uses, there are 5 equipped with a convenient function of the servo unit models SGMSV-50A3A2S
FT001 (vibration suppression function to upgrade specifications): by strengthening the vibration suppression function, shorten the positioning time.
FT003 (pressure feedback function): high precision pressure control, to promote the high performance of the device SGMSV-50A3A2S USER'S MANUAL.
FT005 (support for rotary table purposes): with the rotation of the coordinate function and fixed point through the output function, can be smooth and high-precision control of rotary table.
FT006 (fixed point through the output function): no need to pass through the upper device can be set through the output (Chu Fa).
FT008 (absolute value system support): the absolute value of the system can be constructed by any upper controller SGMSV-50A3A2S USER'S MANUAL. No speed reducer in inertia, high speed servo motor type SGM7J (rated speed 3000r\/min).
Rated output: 150W.
Power supply voltage: AC200V.
Serial encoder: 24 bit absolute value type.
Design sequence: C.
Shaft end: straight shaft with keyway, with screw.
Optional parts: with oil seal, with the brake (DC24V).
Cantilever state and moment of inertia.
After the change, can still maintain stable action.
Improvement of responsiveness.
Without adjustment, it can be achieved in the past about 2 times the response.
Improvement of stability.
The action is still stable for the presence of load fluctuations.
No gain adjustment.
Zero tuning time too ensure performance SGMSV-50A3A2S Manual.
Protection system from the impact of temperature anomalies.
Servo unit and servo motor equipped with temperature sensor.
Monitor the temperature of the product directly through the sensor, as soon as possibble to detect and prevent failure SGMSV-50A3A2S Manual.
In addition, the temperature state of the system can be monitored by the machine controller, which is safe and secure
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