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SGMGV-44D3C6E USER'S MANUAL (Setup Rotational Motor)

Brand: Yaskawa
Product model: SGMGV-44D3C6E
Name: Rotary Servomotor
Sort: USER'S MANUAL (Setup Rotational Motor)
File language: English
File size: 8.38MB
Equipped with INDEXER functional type servo unit (kit type).
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 0.2kw.
Power supply voltage: single phase AC100V.
Interface: instruction selection and installation (rotary type servo motor).
Matching (hardware): paint.
Matching (software): standard.
Matching (parameter): standard SGMGV-44D3C6E USER'S MANUAL.
Optional module: INDEXER+ full closed loop module.
Simple SGMGV-44D3C6E
By programming and serial programming, easy implementation of motion control.
Can also be installed through the Windows environment support tool (SigmaWin+) easy to start.
The I/O module can be connected with the upper controller simply.
To support the operation of the main purpose of the positioning operation based on the program table SGMGV-44D3C6E USER'S MANUAL.
The maximum number of programmable positioning points to 256 points.
With external positioning, JOG speed table operation, the origin of reversion, rich features such as programmable signal output.
I/O points for the input: 19 points, output: 16 points.
High speed and high precision positioning by combining with high performance V series.
Motion control can be realized without using motion controller SGMGV-44D3C6E USER'S MANUAL. High performance, use the best type of servo unit (high performance).
Maximum applicable motor capacity: 0.1kw.
Power supply voltage: three phase AC200V.
Design sequence: B.
Hardware specification: base mounting type (standard).
Interface: analog voltage, pulse sequence type (linear servo motor).
Function: no deviation standard.
High performance sigma shaped -V-EX series.
2 models of high performance servo unit.
EX001 (support M- III high speed communication): the communication cycle is the minimum value of 125 s, which makes the response of the instruction becomes faster, and the track accuracy and processing ability are improved.
EX002 (no deviation of the specification): greatly improve the command tracking performance, and further improve the accuracy of trajectory control. Capacity type of direct drive servo motor SGMCS.
Rated torque: M \/ 110N.
Servo motor outside diameter size: 135mm.
Serial encoder: 20 bit Delta (optional).
Design sequence: the outer diameter of the servo motor is marked as B, C and D.
Flange specifications: face C, reverse load side (lead).
Optional specifications: no matching.
Under the condition of no speed reducer, the load is directly driven.
Can be realized from low speed to high speed of the strong smooth running
(instantaneous maximum torque: 6 ~ 600N \/ m, maximum speed: 250 ~ 500r\/min).
By using 20 bit high resolution encoder, the high precision can be carried out.
The use of hollow structure, convenient wiring and piping.
Use example:
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Liquid crystal circuit board manufacturing equipment.
Various inspection and test equipment.
Electronic part packaging machine.
IC information processor.
IC inspection equipment.
A variety of automated machinery.
Capacity rating and specifications:
Rated time: continuous.
Vibration level: V15.
Insulation resistance: DC500V, 10M, or above.
Using ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees C.
Excitation mode: permanent magnet type.
Installation method: flange typee SGMGV-44D3C6E Manual.
Heat resistance grade: A.
Insulation withstand voltage: AC1500V 1 minutes.
Protection mode: fully enclosed self cooling type IP42 (except for the rotating part of the output shaft).
The use of environmental humidity: 20 ~ 80%% (not dew) SGMGV-44D3C6E Manual.
Connection mode: direct connection.
Rotation direction: clockwise direction (CCW) rotation at the load side under the direction of rotation
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