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SGMJV-01ADA21 Middle inertia rotary servo motor Yaskawa SGMJV-01ADA21
DA21. A variety of mechanical feed shaft drive (high speed feed). Variety is complete (300W ~ 15kW, with hold brake). Equipped with a high resolution serial encoder (20 bit). Standard using IP67 S
Yaskawa SGMAV-A5ADA21 Ultra low inertia servo motor Yaskawa SGMAV-A5ADA21
DA21. Medium inertia Flat type deep short Equipped with high resolution serial encoder (17 bit) Max speed up to 6000r\/min Variety is complete (100W ~ 1 SGMAV-A5ADA21.5kW, with hold brake) Stand
SGMJV-04ADA21 Middle inertia rotary servo motor Yaskawa SGMJV-04ADA21
DA21. Flexible user system. For you to build the best system to enrich the product line to support you. Products with single phase 200V, single phase 100V, three-phase 200V, And for the absolute v
SGMAV-04ADA21 Yaskawa SGMAV-04ADA21 Ultra low inertia servo motor
DA21. In order to achieve a higher production efficiency, SGDMAH type to the best control to explore the highest performance of the machine, Compared with the original models, CPU computing time for
Yaskawa SGMJV-06ADA21 Rated output: 06kw (600W)Yaskawa SGMJV-06ADA21
DA21. Matching (parameters): no matching (standard). Optional module: security module. European EC standards: Based on the integration of mechanical instructions standard ISO13849-1 EN, Se
SGMJV-08ADA21 Middle inertia rotary servo motor Yaskawa SGMJV-08ADA21
DA21. The new model SGMVV with a rated output of 22~55KW, the amount of passenger speed 800r/min and 1500r/min products SGMJV-08ADA21. After the motor is installed, the phase is started to run immed
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